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The Annual Danny Simmons Memorial Tournament

It is with great pride that Woy Woy Judo Club and it's friends present The Annual Danny Simmons Memorial Tournament. 

Since it's inception in 2015, Woy Woy Judo Club has paid homage to our founding Sensei, with a fun-filled, friendly day. 

Judo participants develop excellent physical skills and high levels of fitness, together with strong discipline and a respect for their opponents. Judo is the most widely practiced martial art in the world and is an official sport of the Summer Olympic Games. In its competitive form, it involves throws, pins, chokes and arm locks, but no kicking or punching.

This tournament will see a substantial amount judoka from across the state of New South Wales and parts of Australia will travel to the Central Coast and directly to the Peninsula to compete in this very prestigious event.

Interest in the sport of Judo has grown excessively on the peninsula since Danny Simmons Snr opened the club in 1982, since his passing in October 2014, our exceptional close team of Coaches, have increased membership to over 100, making the club in the top 10 biggest in Australia and 5th biggest in New South Wales.

The Danny Simmons Memorial Judo Tournament is organized and run by our coach's, volunteers (including referees, timers and scorekeepers) and an industrious crew of dedicated parents, family and friends.

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Every year, our wonderful sponsors get involved and donate to our unique tournament day, as well as ensuring the continuing growth of our ever expanding club and throwing their support behind their local community.

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