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*Winner - Best National Regional Club of 2017

*Winner - NSW Inspired Club of 2015 & 2017

*Winner - Best Australian 3 Star Judo Club of 2019


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Why Judo?

Check out just a few of the reasons above why you or your child should try judo.

Term 4 Enrolments Open Now!
First Lesson Free!

Whether you want to get your children involved in a martial art, looking for a new challenge, setting new fitness goals or want to cross train martial arts? Our enrolments for classes are OPEN!

Check out our class schedule and give us a call today on 0434 000 170 to find out which class best suits you or your child, and find out more info. Remember your FIRST LESSON IS FREE!

Cow Uchi Kids Club Enrolments
Now Open! (3-9 Years)

Giving your children their first steps into the sport of judo. These classes teach fine motor and cognitive development skills through Judo fundamentals!

These Classes are NOW OPEN! Want to know more? Contact us below or give us a call today on 0434 000 170. Remember FIRST LESSON IS FREE!


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This is the first step on your judo journey! Our classes are suitable for male & females, catering to all different ages and needs. So whether your child is shy, lacking self confidence and self esteem, or is being bullied at school, Judo is right path for your child. We aim to build self confidence, social skills, coordination and introduce traditional Japanese teachings and discipline.

First Lesson is Free!

No Club Contracts | No Club Joining Fees

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Beginners Judo

Minimum 3 years and above

Never done a martial art? Is your child being bullied at school or just needs a confidence boost in their life? Looking for a family activity? Want to get fit and have fun and learn? This class is for you!

In this class you will learn all the fundamentals and basics of judo, from break falls to your learning your first throw and hold down.

We encourage everyone at all fitness levels to come in and try.

Tiny Judo

3-4 Years

Giving your kids their first steps into the sport of judo. This class teaches motor and cognitive skill development skills through Judo fundamentals.

Designed to engage kids through fun activities in a social environment, your child will be encouraged to run around, take big breaths, stretch, roll, mixed in with a few games, plus learn there first throw and hold down.

Mini Judo

5-6 Years

An introduction to the sport of judo, This class is designed to improve and enhance your child's cognitive development, motor skills and self-confidence, whilst learning basic balance skills.

Your child will further there judo fundamentals of how to fall safe and correctly, listen and be aware of their surroundings, and learn more throwing and hold down techniques.

Kids Judo

7-9 Years

Our kids classes are the biggest on the Central Coast & Hunter Region, this class furthers your child’s development and motor skills, building self-confidence and social skills, with further emphasis of falling correctly, strength in technique and concentration are repeated.

Your child will learn all the fundamentals of judo from falling correctly, throwing and hold down techniques in a fun, safe and friendly environment.

Junior Judo

10 -12 Years

Our junior judo program is the biggest on the Central Coast and Hunter Region, with general fitness and co-ordination skills applied to this age bracket.

As your child progresses a competitive edge is nurtured and recognized as well as mental development of requested tasks which is practiced.

Adult Judo


Whether it’s for fitness, adventure or just fun, this class is designed for beginners and intermediate level and taking your judo journey further, from learning the fundamentals of how to fall, to throws, hold downs, combinations and counters, along with arm locks and strangulation's (for 15 years and over).

Whether you’re looking to get your next grade, compete or begin your way to “black belt” this program sets up your path.

Elite Judo

By Selection

This class is specifically for those athletes who are a high level of competition. This class provides international level training, from advance technical work to strength and conditioning training. This is platform for building high level athletes and champions.

Brazilian Jui Jitsu

13+ Years

Take your judo that extra step further, our Brazilian Jui Jitsu classes for adult Beginners as well as Intermediate and Advanced students.


"Woy Woy Judo club has been wonderful for my boys. It has helped them with their co-ordination, general fitness, and given them a higher level of responsibility and respect.

Woy Woy Judo Club is more than just a sporting club, They are a family. We help each other out where ever possible and support all participants no matter what level they are at.

I feel very proud and privileged to be a Woy Woy Judo parent and feel very lucky that my children get to be a part of a club that has so much passion."


"Great club with fantastic teachers and lots of encouragement for the kids.

My 7 year old loves it and my youngest can't wait to start. Lots of fun but also lots of learning and teaching respect and self-discipline, highly recommended."


"A fantastic club that was run by Danny Simmons Snr, a black belt judoka trained in Japan, but has sadly passed and now his son Daniel has taken up where his father left and is training the youngsters with the same interest and dedication of his father.

Danny's wife Lindy continues to spear head the club along with the other coaching staff and volunteers who are as dedicated.

A better club environment you will not find."


"My Three boys have been doing judo for about 3 years now and i couldn't recommend it more.

It's not only great for fitness, but it has also helped with their confidence both in the dojo and with other sports they are involved in.

The High emphasis on respect and discipline is great for them, especially to be physical without anger."


"As a kid in Serbia, I practiced martial arts, from BJJ to Takewondo, Boxing and the Judo.  

I am a father of three girls and two boys and when i moved to the Central Coast i was very picky of where my kids went to train and what martial art.

When i found Woy Woy Judo Club i couldn't have been happier, this is the best place and martial art for discipline, respect, confidence building and fitness."


"We feel very lucky that our 6 year-old daughter is with Woy Woy Judo Club. The club has a real feeling of community. They coaches are fantastic - achieving a great balance of nurturing the children while not coddling them. They are passionate about judo and all that it offers for physical and mental development."

J & J Hatfield - Favand


If you have any questions or general inquiries, please contact us here.

Administration Hours 

Tuesday to Friday

10.00am - 4.00pm


27 Bowden Road, Woy Woy NSW, 2256



0434 000 170

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