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Have you ever wanted to learn a martial art and have the ability to incorporate it into your daily life, using it when you need to, as well as embodying fitness and fun into one class? Then look no further than WUDO! 

Wudo is the first course of its kind, encompassing women and judo in a self-defense capacity. Based on the basic teachings of self-defense and judo, this course is non-intimidating, creating positive experiences and approaches to self-awareness and protection. The best part is you will finish feeling more confident, strong, and equipped with a new set of skills you can use whenever they are needed. 

Wudo is created by women, for women, who support and encourage each other. Our staff is fully qualified and passionate about ensuring women feel safe and confident in our community.

Over the course of our 10-week program, you will learn:

  • How to flag possible threats

  • Learn to de-escalate intimidating situations including bullying episodes in school

  • Practical methods of using judo and self-defense skills with power and efficacy including arm bars and strangulation

  • How to break free from attackers using proven methods of protection

  • Transform yourself into a powerful, confident, and strong woman

What to expect from your WUDO classes:

  • Small classes to cater to individual needs

  • Surrounded by like-minded women

  • Learning essential skills from takedowns to restraining and offender arm bars, and more

  • Have fun, make new friends, and walk away with knowledge and empowerment knowing you can defend yourself.




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